Friday, September 3, 2010

The Controversy

I’d like to bring to your attention a very serious issue—the Jimmies vs. Sprinkles controversy. I have to admit, I am a firm believer that those tasty, tiny, colorful, elongated nonpareils that you put on top of ice cream are in fact, Jimmies, not sprinkles. I mean, who calls them Sprinkles out there? Anyone? If you sheepishly raised your hand, or worse, shouted, “I do!” well then you are one sorry, mistaken soul. I mean, come on! They’re Jimmies NOT Sprinkles! How could you not know that? Don’t be ridiculous. Let me explain something to you. Sprinkle is a verb. Jimmie is a noun—in other words, a name of something. That should explain everything right there. But for argument’s sake, lets move on. You “sprinkle” salt on your French fries, you “sprinkle” flour on a baker’s board, you “sprinkle” powder on a baby’s bottom. You don’t eat a sprinkle. Why? Because, and I repeat here, it’s a verb. And the last time I looked, you can’t eat a verb. That would be very tricky. So, with that said, I rest my case. They’re Jimmies. And they’re yummy. Period.


Louie Magooey said...

Jimmies, sprinkles, candies................whatever........all I know is I love them, love the ice cream, so whatever mama calls them is fine with me.........afterall she supply's them!

Love Louie

Anonymous said...


I'd, frankly, like to Sprinkle some JIMMIES on the heads of the people who call them Sprinkles!

Nanny said...

Nope, i am the brave soul who would call them sprinkles....just becuz they are!
Jimmies are GMC trucks,male names, and breaking into a lock (a.k.a, Jimmy-ing)
Yea, sprinkles are what you might shake onto something, but you do sprinkle sprinkles (noun here) onto ice cream, right???
Go Sprinkles!!!

shelly said...

Very Creative research...:)

Shelly Arkon

shelly said...

Very creative it!

Shelly Arkon

Tessa Quin said...

So pretty...can't stop looking at it... I only get to eat candy once a week - I'm being very mean to myself.