Sunday, August 8, 2010

Noodle Soup

Heat large vinyl-coated pot of lightly chlorinated water using medium-high solar flame. When water reaches 86 degrees (using aquatic thermometer) stir in noodles and simmer until tender. Season with pH and alkalinity. Separately, roast one human until golden brown and add to soup. Stir. Simmer 3 to 4 hours or until done. Top with aloe lotion if desired. Serve with wine. Lots.


Anonymous said...

So, when am I invited over for some Noodle Soup?!? That is the most refreshing picture I think I've seen all summer. Rock on witchyer bad tanned self!!!

Louie Magooey said...


OMG............. you are a human noodle!!!!!I just soooooooooooo love your quirkiness! Plus you are mommy floats and floats and floats some more.........she floats in the ocean and tells me what the clouds mean......tells me about the sea, the ducks , the osprey,the swans, all of nature.However I have yet to see a human noodle.Mama must keep a close eye.........for I surely want to see one of my own!!! Are you cooking in there?What will Brinny say, mama, omg.........the twins!!!!Do they know you are a noodle????
Love your Cinnabun...........

Nanny said...

Ah yes, noodle soup sounds just yummy for a 90 degree day!
I have mentioned to you that your legs move like wet noodles when you dance...this is a compliment, by the way!
And wine is definately the perfect complement to that compliment!