Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

So, I’m sure that, after the alien incident a while back, you can guess my distress when I stumbled upon the hoards of colorful monkeys trapped inside this evil claw game in the arcade at the boardwalk. What a horrible situation these innocent little monkeys have to endure! Shocking. I mean, can they even breathe in there?

From the moment I laid eyes on them I was compelled to save them. And by save them, I mean save ALL of them. So, I placed my coins in the machine, time and time again, and thus began my mission. Within minutes I had already saved five. I was hell bent on saving them and nothing could have stopped me. Not even when the teenage attendant “politely” asked me to “step away” in order for him to “rearrange” the brightly colored, if not suffocating, monkeys. But I knew that what he really wanted to do was to push and squish them closer together, further and further down inside, and entangle their poor, lifeless arms, in order to make them all the more difficult to rescue. Not wanting him to proceed, or to draw attention to my rescue mission, I quickly used my noggin and diverted his attention away by saying that someone in the back of the arcade just beat his all time high score on Galaga. And off he went.

For the next hour or so, I not only pursued my mission, but also completed it. Barring a few dirty looks from the attendants as they watched me clean out the glass confinement, I proudly strutted out of the arcade with the entire lot of unfortunate, and mistreated, monkeys.

As of now, I have already adopted out a few little critters and will foster the rest until the perfect home comes along. So, if the feeling of giving and sharing overcomes you, please consider adopting one of these cute little colorful bumpkins using the Little Green Alien adoption form (previously supplied).

Why does this keep happening to me?…………..


E.J. Wesley said...

lol Freedom for the green monkeys! You should make a button. :) Seriously, this reminded me of my mother. She loves the "claw machines", and like you, she's pretty dang good at it.

William Kendall said...

Oh, sure, they look cute... but just wait until they start plotting against you!

Nanny said...

OMG...why am i NOT surprised!
You've liberated all those colorful monkeys and all of your smiling faces show happiness!
I'm sure you have a special spot in your room of awesomeness for the new guests.